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of robberies and an assault in the past couple of weeks in off- campus areas. they tell us now they are going to do all they can to keep residents around here safe, and employees, by beefing up security and taking other measures. it, the no doubt about hopkins medical campus in ease baltimore is expanding by leaps and bounds. with some of that growth, there are renewed concerns about safety. >> i have heard about incidents happening, but i have not seen or heard anything arsenal he -- anything personally. >> three off-campus incidents have raised concern, including a cell phone theft, and a robbery and assault. >> i see the security and police around quite a bit. i have not had any problems. says despite the warnings, she feels very safe and has noticed security. out, sohave security for the most part, it is safe. >> 11 news also noticed hopkins security vehicles driving toward off-campus neighborhoods. in a statement, and officials said they take all crimes seriously and act quickly to ensure the well-being of the community, patients and staff. is a good idea to beef up security. we have bee
this does cut down on the ability of thieves to wipe clean the memory for someone else to use. policing manufacturers could do more to include anti-the technology. kill switches their call. as it stands, they know how to unlock the memory so it can be used by someone else. >> a lot of them are from marble to attack and being wiped clean. there is a process by which the people can wipe them clean and it becomes their phone. >> how often does someone say and what my own? >> every day. we do not a lot phones here. >> samsung and apple told us today they are adding heightened anti-theft features to the latest generation of smart phones. a coalition of police, prosecutors and advocates want them to do a hardware fix that they cannot work around. reporting live from the news room, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police and baltimore county continue their search for a man who attacked a doctor in broad daylight. it happened that year the state park. investigators confirmed she was attacked and was able to escape by biting her kidnapper. the man tried to strangle her and pull her into a wooded area. it is
all have one specialization, right? justice. "divisions won't divide us." that's our new mission statement, isn't it, chief? that's it exactly, detective. that's right. oh, hey, you know what? in case i get held up, you mind if i grab your cards? sure. [ sighs ] thanks. thanks. [ car door closes ] [ engine turns over ] kiss-ass. yeah. big-time. now, that guy is an example of the kind of police force i'm trying to build here, you know? he didn't drive by the crime scene and say, "it's not my job." he was proactive. aaaaaaaah! for a second, i thought that was coming from me. aaaaah! yes, yes, he's dead! aah! whoa, whoa, whoa! chief, chief! oh! oh! was he a friend of yours? [ whimpers ] aaaaaaaaah! [ breathing heavily, sobbing ] all right. let's try this again. when you last saw the victim -- aaaaaah! [ gasps ] oh, no! buzz. spent an hour in the parking garage with this woman today. i cannot take any more of this. sergeant, why didn't your squad ever show ? uh, sorry, chief. no one from roll-out let us know. huh. it was phoned in. and, uh, you don't have to call me "chief" today. i'
to the south of us, the rain down there, how long it will stay there. >> of big changes -- >> big changes at neutered dame university. -- notre dom university. theecame the first man in position in the university history. he is now stepping down. goes into of power effect almost immediately. covering the nation tonight, president obama is announcing a series of new initiatives to help disabled veterans, including more funding for prosthetic limbs and improvement in health care. the meeting in orlando, president also said his administration is also improving assistance with the backlog of disability claims. six months ago, claims were at their peak, more than 600,000. right now, chief concern is the backlog of those claims for compensation from injury caused by military service. >> some folks are out there trying to scare people, including veterans. plainly.y this if you already plainly. if you already have health insurance or health care from the va, you do not have to do a thing. your va health care does not change. it is safe. there are no new fees. don't let them would wind you. >> the
. his boyfriend, this travis kid, comes in mad and wants us to find out who austin is sleeping with. it's a familiar pattern, chief. well, gentlemen, let's see if this convenient stereotype y'all have cooked up to avoid actual police work holds up under closer scrutiny. lieutenant flynn, uh, would you please run a master inquiry on austin blair? but, uh, do it quietly. just...offline, off the radar, off the grid. like it never happened, chief. thank you. anybody know why we are looking for this austin blair? because the chief asked us to? [ telephone ringing ] o-oh, chief. chief, uh, this is, uh... my... lauren hines. i'm so pleased to meet you. i'm so glad to meet you, too. since things were slow, lauren came by to see how our division works before... i take her to lunch. oh, good. how nice. [ chuckles ] [ chuckles weakly ] so, lauren... how old are you? detective sanchez! you never ask a lady how -- oh, excuse us, lauren. [ chuckles ] we kid a lot around here. you know, always teasing each other. you know, cops. uh, detective sanchez, what can you tell me about austin blair? uh, i ran
's different. [laughter] >> what an idiot. >> how dare you talk that way about macho man! he taught us what slim-jims were. >> welcome to a slim-jim! >> oh, macho man, you're selling dried meat fixed to god now. >> what's going on, man? >> we got mystical, famous rapper. before we could say anything, he cuts us out. >> look at the phone. >> i'm kind of drove now. get a zoom. >> you know it's013. >> it got stolen. [bleep] >> what is does he sing? >> "shake ass." >> oh, i love that song! >> oh, jesus, what do we have a wedding? oh, my god! [laughter] >> shake that ass. what yourself! > what yourself. [laughter] >> all right, mystical, thank you,. take it easy. >> now, marijuana, it makes you forget some stuff. starring with khalifa and this guy, who missed with his wedding because he was stoned out of his freaking mind, yo! >> currently the hot sitter in new york. rapper. >> huge rapper and also huge fan of -- >> marijuana, the burning weed with its roots in hell! >> right. anyway, currency was enjoying some fine cannabis this weekend but it just happened to be the same day his good friend wi
humidity as well as the worst of the humidity remains south of us. ourwe take a look at satellite imagery and vacancy thunderstorm activity. we can switch over to the radar quickly. you will see what is going on as far as all that is concerned. we have a little isolated activity north of hagerstown. we will keep an eye on that. that might drift south this evening, but no rain in the forecast yet. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up. >> right now we are following word of a serious crash in east baltimore that happened at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. at least four people rushed to the hospital, there's no word yet on their condition or the number of vehicles involved. authorities believe the speed was a factor. this is what we know right now. around 1:15 a.m. officers arrived and found two vehicles had run off the road and struck trees. investigators say it was traveling at a high rate of speed when a 17-year-old driver approached a curb left the road and hit a tree. a second car approach the same curb -- curve and hit the century. -- a tree. an investigation is ongoing. also, poli
. an update for us. >> the most controversial part of this whole thing if the tax break. the city wants to use tax dollars to help finance, and moments ago they took a preliminary vote on it. and they passed it. a final vote will happen sometime next month. the mayor has fraud -- has called this a project that would and taxesands of jobs for the city. there is also supposed to be high end of living space and retail along with a hotel. the tax break from the city is supposed to help pay for infrastructure and other improvements to the site of the project. opponents of the tax-free deal are skeptical about it and who will actually benefit. it should give a tax break to the surrounding neighborhood and city schools. >> it really does contribute to of lifting the people that live in that community. this would be an intentional, direct benefit to a developer. i don't see that the residents of the surrounding community are going to benefit. the city council took a preliminary vote on its financing idea of a taxpayer financing idea for a harbor. . they passed it. a final vote is expected to happen se
from including that he and his brother used tplay in the shed, not knowing they were standing on top of their mother, the judge said the maximum sentence was just. >> it has been 21 years. younow, we have to really look back at our entire lives and just -- it realize the manipulation and the deceit through all of these years. it was tough, but it was very therapeutic. >> robert jarrett's attorney said he was not surprised, saying the fix was always in for his client. >> unfortunately it was anticipated he would get every day of 30 years. he was not sense is for the crime, but the way she was disposed of. >> not true, says bobby and his supporters. he feels that his father got what he deserved. a monsteryour father hiding behind the softness of human skin. what do you think of that? >> i think he got it dead on. >> he will get 170 days. he could be eligible for parole in 15 years. his attorneys have already filed the necessary paperwork for an appeal. a-rod's bike against his suspension by major league baseball has officially begun. the suspensiont by major league baseball is official
screwed out of 7% of the cream. >> what? >> this is why china is beating us because this is what our high school math classes are doing. >> they claim it's double the cream of an oreo. two. .86 times, not they say mathematicians in the high school is wrong and it's twice the stuffing as in a single oreo. >> there must be a way. >> there must be a way of quantify it. >> call walter white. do something. >> there's got to be a way to figure this out. >> if you can't get enough cookie out of a doubled stuff, you're a fat ass. shut up! > ♪ >> cool. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> oh, my god! a person, we think. > ariana grande. >> ariana brooks. >> isn't it ariana grande? >> yes. >> she sings just like mariah carey. >> that's enough. we know how she sings. >> she may or may not be broken up with jai brooks. >> no, not jai brooks. we are not going to fake it any more. who is jai brooks? >> a youtube australian comedian. >> grande, jai, which sounds like a drink at starbucks, might be split-a-roni. but why? >> justin bieber kissed her on the cheek. and this jai guy was upset. the camera guy
a man. just everybody get used to that. >> earlier this week ashton honored with the ultimate choice surf board at the teen choice awards. how do you think you would have handled the scrutiny that a lot of young hollywood stars do today when you were first starting out? >> if you're an old hollywood star or new hollywood star, you don't need to get absorbed. if you believe the good people say you have to believe the bad stuff and maybe you should shut off google alert. from ashton to oprah, the red carpet was buzzing this week as queen o was back on the big scene screen for the first time in over a decade. >> oprah with our steve with "the butler" posting this style sneak peek before heading for the red carpet. >> notice my braids. >> first new movie in 15 years, for rest whitaker plays the white house butler. oprah his wife. >> now everybody just -- >> i'm sorry, mr. butler. i didn't make fun of your hero. >> you're slapping, punching, smoking. >> why do you think god brought us next to each other? >> god got nothing to do with this. >> i was not a smoker. i didn't smoke as a kid. i
. the response is killing us, so it.s get to in the case of mason disick, the boy who looks exactly like scott disick and nothing like this male model, drum roll, please. scott, you are the father. >> congratulations, scott! and remember d.n.a. tests are 99.99% accurate so what do you think about that, michael? there'su're telling me a chance. >> .01% chance so the male model is going to have to accept this. >> the male model is not accepting it. toand it's because they went an independent d.n.a. lab. >> he's saying they probably video, paid off the lab to be on the show. actuallyn, that's totally a fair point. any solutions? judge orderhave the it, have a court monitored d.n.a. test where everyone could get it from court. >> or you could do this test -- yes? >> that male model is lying? harvey!y, harvey, >> john stamos turned 50. so happy birthday. you do not look 50. 50.n stamos is >> it's ridiculous. >> he's on something. devil. a deal with the >> what's your secret to stay so fit? of myselfo take care and i'm friends with harvey. it.'s usually what does >> i wish. i wish. let me tell you.
tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. >> ♪ baby you can crash my party anytime ♪ >> great song. great song title "crash my party" from country superstar luke bryan. >> luke on fire right now. let me ask this young lady how well she knows mr. bryan. can you guess what tattoo he has on his backside? >> well, my husband has my name on his backside. >> really, where exactly? >> right cheek. >> you're right. much like your husband, luke has his wife's initial on his backside. that's an interesting choice to put it. but right now we're with luke in new york. >> hey, mario. it luke. next time we're in the same town, you better crash my party. >> ♪ you can crash my party anytime ♪ >> luke bryan pulling -- beating taylor swift and blake shelton for a.c.m. entertainer of the year award. >> i don't know how i could put the words to. it was th
with a big fat diamond ring on. they have never been happier. >> forgive us if we're not excited, the question going round the office is -- >> doesn't it affect her instagram. >> like when she posts stuff like this and this and this. >> as a married woman it will be harder to be -- >> sexy, slutty. >> a fondling look back. a fond look back. ♪ ♪ >> sad day, sad day. not for you, dusty. well done. now golf back to the golf course and work on your putts. >> we all will. >> i got ben mclemore. making money now, do you have to shop at thrift stores? >> absolutely. >> i go, i bring up a question, it's kind of weird. how long do you brush your teeth for? is there an average? >> i have white teeth. >> very good teeth. >> two minutes. >> i wish i had the patience to do that. >> how long are you supposed to brush your teeth for? >> i could do better. maybe 45 to a minute and a half. >> i tell him, i used to date a girl, when she was done brushing her teeth, she would gag on it. that's how you knew she was, like, done. he goes i do the same thing. [laughter] >> she had a clean mouth. th
.or the rest of your >> i care about you guys -- >> awwww! could afford for all of us to be living in st. tropez. coming up -- >> miami-dade police department, into thetigation lebron james private escort to the jay z-justin timberlake concert. they finally fessed up to it. with basketball players. >> bryan cranston. >> we have this picture of him school and he was on the chemistry club. unbelievable.t >> he was on the meth club, too. >> tmz brought to you by office depot. >> coming up -- >> gottfried at equinox. >> talk about your favorite subject, bro, black people. >> >> it's "tmz's" yearly yearbooks of yesterday. take you to canoga park high school in the early 1970's bunchat a fine looking of -- wait a moment. this young man there, is that? say my name. >> bryan cranston? >> you're damn right. inyeah and bryan was engaged extracurricular activities like the school newspaper and -- >> the chemistry club. oh! chemistry club. there he is, awesome and he was chemistry teacher on "breaking bad" which is more awesomer. cranston may be his method acting. >> method acting, get it, the show
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)